14 January 2007

Coghill Avenue's guard on standby.
PS: Kathy no need for evacuation yet!
2007 RESOLUTIONS - Sunday 14 January 2007 Well, about the only New Year's resolution made by yours truly for 2007, is not to make any resolution public knowledge. That way no one will know whether you have achieved your resolutions or not - mmm clever I would say. It was Conroy's birthday on Friday (12/1/2007) and we celebrated it with dinner at Giuseppe's at the Heritage Market in Hillcrest.
I went for an 8km walk at Run & Walk for Life at 6am on Saturday morning and came home to a welcoming soak in the tub, Whilst soaking my aches and pains away, the phone rang. Conroy passed a towel first for me to dry my hands and announced that Ulrike (my hair stylist) is on the phone. 'Hello Desire, how are you?' 'I am fine thank you.' I replied whilst my mind was in overdraft thinking up various reasons why Ulrike will phone me at 8:10am on a Saturday. 'I have got you down for an appointment at 8am this morning.' 'Um ah um .... I don't think I have got anything down in my diary, but I will quickly check.' I replied whilst summonsing Conroy to bring my diary. I quickly paged through the Saturdays in January and February and no hair appointment stared at me. 'Sorry, Ulrike, I don't have anything written down in my diary, but could you give me 10 minutes and I will be there.' 'That's fine, see you just now.' So after one of the fastest bath hopping and dress hopping sessions, I made it into Ulrike's studio in 15 minutes flat. So now the greys are put on hold for a while.
After my hair fiasco we went for brunch (me hosting hubby for his birthday) at our latest favourite breakfast hangout - 'The View' in Bothas Hill. For us it is by far a better overall experience than at 'Pot 'n Kettle', where there is absolute no attention to detail. The tablecloths are always dirty - so much so that we usually turn the tablecloth over ourselves. The chairs are dirty and old so too the crockery which also are riddled with cracks and the tables are squashed next to each other.
'The View' do justice to its name with stunning views over the 1000 hills of KwaZulu Natal. Everything is neat and clean and the wooden tables and seats are placed well apart on various terraces, affording privacy. The food are not extraordinary, but the bonus is that even breakfast comes with a pancake instead of toast. Their speciality are the traditional 'boere' pancakes. Now and then one do wait a bit for the food to arrive.

Breathtaking view over the 1000 hills from our table.

The View's resident Leopard in disguise.

Various terraces at 'The View'.

The rest of Saturday was spent developing some photos at Photoworld in Hillcrest (very good service and quality). I also started my Xmas 2006 layout.
This morning the alarm annoyingly went off at 4:30am to wake us for the Ronnie Davel 16km cross-country race through forest in Hilton, just outside of Pietermaritzburg. The weather was a little hot, but otherwise perfect. Conroy did the race with me which we ran and walked. ... Michelle, what happened to my pacesetter? ... Afterwards we had a brunch at a coffee shop situated in 'The Quarry' shopping centre in Hilton. Nursing some slightly sore and tired muscles at the moment.

Here's another Jewellery Set I made during the Xmas break.

- Over and out for now

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  1. Anonymous2:07 PM

    Well, all I can say is that you and I have great me - Dereck's birthday is also on the 12 January - Happy Birthday Conroy - hope it was a good one!

    We ended up having a braai on Friday night after having just got off the Melody and then finished off with Karioke (spelling!!) and only got to bed way after 12am.

    At 10pm on Saturday night having finished sewing my numbers and things on my new walking vest, I decided that there were too many things that i needed to do on Sunday and if I raced, then this would take away some of my time. So Desire, sorry about that - next time! Hope you had a good race.

    I love your Xmas layout!

    Thinking you are clever by not publicising your resolutions .... mmmmm!!!


    (The OW and MotBHG - can't remember the rest!!!)


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