25 January 2007

SCRAPBOOKER AKA FAMOUS RACE WALKER - Thursday, 25 January 2007 Michelle Ramsay, DOING LIFE's notorious commentator with the scary long signature, one of my first scrapbooking students and good friend has at last earned some recognition for all the long and hard km's she has done so diligently in walking/running races over the past decade.

The RUNNER'S WORLD magazine has in their latest issue published a picture of Michelle finishing the Postnet Marathon in Pietermaritzburg – standing under the finish sign. That was the year that she completed her 5th 42.2km Postnet Marathon and received her permanent number, being one of a handful of walkers to have achieved this. Its like getting 'the freedom of the city'!

Her finishing time for the 42.2km was 5h57

Runner's World have used it in their full page advert!!! So yours truly can now also say that she knows a famous athlete.

Above is the Runners World ad, with the actual picture where Michelle finished the race and the picture where she received her plaque (consisting of a bronze, silver and gold medal on a wooden plaque stating “last official finisher”) for being the last official finisher of that specific race. There were 7 runners behind her who did not finish within the 6 hour cut off time. It is usually very satisfying for a walker to finish in front of a runner and one usually feel like shouting out 'EAT MY DUST!'

- Having been put to shame I am off to catch up on my walking/running distance

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