17 June 2007

CUTE AS A BUTTON - Sunday, 17 June 2007 It was quite a big Sunday here in sunny South Africa. Apart from being Fathers Day, the 82nd Comrades Ultra Marathon (89km) from Pietermaritzburg to Durban also took place. Bruce Fordyce's record for the down run which stood for 21 years was broken with 4 minutes by the Russian athlete Leonid Shvetsov, a medical doctor cum professional athlete.
Apart from teaching two classes yesterday, I kept a low profile nursing a head cold which started on Wednesday - nothing that Corenza C and Berrocca can't fix.
One of my students, Shelley Candiotes completed this layout I am teaching based on Candice Greenway's online class hosted recently on DesignersNotes. Candice - hope you like it. Shelley is a meticulous scrapper bordering on perfectionism. Well done Shelley!
I have been snapping away in our garden this morning. I just cannot take enough photos of the one and only DOMBEYA PULCHRA (Silver Dombeya). The early morning winter sun was just perfect to achieve lovely back/side lighting. This shrub is endemic to the northeastern Drakensberg.
"The leaves are huge and maple-like, with a texture of dense velvet and give the shrub a lush appearance. Its leafless period is short. The flowers are GLORIOUS, cup-shaped, very pale pink with a deep pink centre, and may dominate the plant in midsummer."
Surprisingly it is now midwinter and the flowers are dominating the shrub.
- Hooked on Dombeya signing off


  1. I saw the layout in its preparation stage and just love the finished product - well done Shellley.

    The flowers are really beautiful.

    Hope your head cold has gone away and you are feeling a bit better.


  2. I think I need to visit South Africa just for the gorgeous scenery!!

  3. Anonymous4:18 AM

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