20 June 2007

I received this interesting email from a visitor to DOING LIFE and thought I will share it with all the other DOING LIFERS. I am so glad that it is not only my Hedgehog Aloe which is obscene, but that there are others out there looking the same.
"Hi Desire - how coincidental! I also have a Canon with Tamron telephoto lens, and we went along to the Pretoria Botanical Gardens on Sunday for me to hone my skills (!) While there, I took a photo of what I termed an "obscene" looking aloe. Now at least I know what it is! Thank you for that.

Hedgehog Aloe Flower in Pretoria Botanical Gardens

I am also a keen scrapbooker, but don't seem to find enough time. I buy loads of paper and goodies and then feel guilty because I am not using them! Great website. Kind regards. Ann Donnelly"

My response:

"Dear Ann. It was a nice surprise to here from a visitor to DOING LIFE. Sjoe, now I can rest assured that it is not only my Hedgehog Aloe which is obscene but that there are others out there as well. Thank you so much for your informative email. It looks like you are also enjoying your new telephoto lens. Do you use a monopod with your telephoto lens or do you try using it handheld (very difficult for me, need serious upper arm strength for this). I know the feeling of buying scrapping goodies which always seems to shout at one 'take me, take me, you must have me'. But I have developed my own style over the years which utilises a lot of photos on a layout and only embellishing for finishing touches. I also tend to do a bit of stamping for the finishing touches. I do not have loads of embellishments and only buy neutral coloured embellishments i.e. (black, cream, silver, brown, etc.) which will blend in with any colour. I do however have a fetish for 'Whale of a Punches' of which I have about 15. All the circle sizes, square sizes, tags, ovals, etc. you can think of, I have and it comes in very handy for putting those finishing touches to layouts."

- Relieved Hedgehog Mum Signing Off

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