07 June 2007


- Thursday, 7 June 2007

It is nearly a year ago that I reported on DOING LIFE that we have added another variety of aloe to our current aloe collection in the garden, namely the newly cultivated HEDGEHOG Aloe which of course was indigenous to South Africa. As yet I have not discovered any write-ups about it in garden books.
We bought two HEDGEHOG Aloe plants which were quite small initially. But they thrived in ceramic pots on the patio and have grown to fill the pots. Winter has set in and I was quite curious to see whether they will flower during their first winter. During the last week in May I was excited to see the first flower bud revealing itself. The shape of the flower bud strike me as being quite unusual for the beginning of an aloe flower. The shape resembles the flower of a Scottish Thistle's flower.
I have captured its progress. Thus far the main part of the flower is resembling the familiar shape of an aloe flower, but the knob on top is still puzzling me - wonder how the final flower with reveal itself. I will keep you posted. This is still the one and only flower between the two plants. Nature has its surprises.
I wonder how many of you DOING LIFERS have noticed that one of the layouts have vanished from the Bundu Flickr in the sidebar (let me know if you did). Well, this was the first layout I have redone from scratch in the nearly nine years I have been scrapping. So here's the final version of us Bundu Chicks flopping around in the Bundu Photo Studio! I have done a pull-out pocket in which the write-up of our weekend is kept. Reading this in 20-30 years time will definitely bring back fond memories.
- Hedgehogs' mum signing off


  1. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Love the layouts & pics. Glad to see that the teacha is blogging and not teachering outsiders tonight. We are trying very hard to scrap, but more crap than scrap is happening here. Maybe you would like to join us on your Thursday off instead of blogging cos you will have lots to blog about the next week. Love you lots teacha from the TP Gang xxx

  2. hello there love the layout BUT have to ask why you redid it? Are pockets and fold outs and folders attracting your attention? Once again a lovely layout and a tribute to you for your journaling! I really love it when I see it mmmmmmm fancy one of those strawberry dacquiri's I am sure it was one of mine that went missing! Lovies Claire PS you and the bundu ladies must logon on to enter the competition on the site - I am sure I will find lovely RAK's in Australia for more lucky draws!

  3. Believe it or not I did notice that a page was missing, but thought that you were just re-arranging, as you have been lately. I love the layout.

    The Hedgehog aloe really has a lovely flower - the thistle is one of my favourites - why? cos it is a purple colour!!

    Have been on the site already - hoping to win something!!



  4. Great LO as always..love the colours.

  5. LOVE the layout and the flowers... amazing, I have never seen plants like that!


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