03 June 2007

- Sunday, 3 June 2007
I have been threatening for quite a few years now to venture to this little park just off Springdale Road in our neighbourhood, Kloof. Remember, I was going on about the weight of my new Tamron telephoto lens in the previous post, well I did something about this and purchased myself a monopod this morning. Of course this new toy had to be put to the test and this scenic park just round the corner was just the perfect playground to test drive it and at the same time get those autumn shots I were so desperate for.
I am totally thrilled with the Monopod. Like they say 'no frills - no fuss'. I had my normal lens on the camera and even with just this, it made a world of difference. It was easier to transport the camera attached to the monopod, in the boot of my car. It made carrying the camera around whilst searching for the best angle to shoot from, much easier. In addition, I did not have to worry about keeping the camera still by keeping my elbows close to my body because camera shake is totally eliminated with the monopod stuck into the ground. So if you are serious about your photography - go and spoil yourself with a Monopod. I still need to test drive it with my telephoto lens, but I just know that it will take a lot of weight off my shoulders.
So these pics are the result of the test drive. I just love the bronze hues contrasted by the crisp blue sky. So here's a challenge to my fellow bloggers out there - capture autumn in your neighbourhood and post it on your blog. Remember to invite me though to come and have a look!
I leave you with these words of beauty:
"Nature is painting for us,
day after day,
pictures of infinite beauty
if only we have eyes to see them ...."
- John Ruskin (1819-1900)
- Monopod Autumn Fan Signing Off


  1. Funny how the World Turns... Its burning hot in the summer here, and you're going into Autumn, I love the colors of the Fall, its my favorite time of year...
    Beautiful pictures!

  2. What stunning pictures - I just love allthe colours.



  3. Beautiful pictures - we don't see that here. Can't even say it made me feel homesick on this Monday morning coz its already our second day of the week. So NO autumn and NO blue Monday! Thanks for sharing

  4. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Stunning , Stunning , Stunning
    I cant keep up with all the new gadgets......
    I gather a monopod is in my english a one stick tri-pod????
    You really are so good at photography, these pics are awesome

    Love the Green Thingy


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