06 August 2007

{Port Elizabeth : Uitenhage : Despatch}
- Friday, 3 to Monday, 6 August 2007
We left Durban Airport on a very pleasant hot winters day and arrived in PE being swept of our feet by serious windy conditions. Having been born and bread and studied in the windy city, this was nothing unusual for us. On our way to the Admiralty Guest House, we drove through some scattered rain regardless of the sun shining. This obviously made for perfect conditions for a 'monkey's wedding' and we were greeted by a beautiful rainbow - so perhaps there is a pot of gold waiting for us somewhere on our way to Gauteng.
We arrived at the guest house just after 4pm, booked in, packed out and settled in the lounge for a glass of sherry to keep the icy cold conditions at bay and made good use of the resident wireless network to have a quick check on our emails as well as having a look at what is currently showing on the movie circuit. We had a delicious dinner at an Italian restaurant at the Boardwalk. It was the first time that we had our favourite fillet steak topped with chicken livers on top and a yummy creamy tomato sauce. The potato wedges was also nice and crispy on the outside but soft and creamy on the inside ... mmm ... yummy. After dinner the movie 'Mr Brooks' was on the cards with Kevin Costner in the lead role - a real psycho thriller - my score: 4/10.
After a sumptuous breakfast - must say Admiralty Guest House has got their eggs, crispy bacon, fried mushrooms and grilled tomato breakfast, down to a fine art - we visited the Walmer shopping mall for Conroy's usual weekly purchase of a new book and yours truly saw the gap to quickly pop into the local craft shop across the passage from Exclusive Books. Must say I was very surprised how well this huge craft shop was stocked for every craft one could imagine and especially the scrapbooking section - with prices also being very competitive. Naturally yours truly also had to get her weekly scrapping fix and the purchase of a new rubber stamp font - was just the perfect fix. After all the addictions were tended to we left a very cold, rainy and windy PE to visit Conroy's family in Uitenhage.
Along the way we passed the little Dutch Reformed church of Van Stadens River where we got married a late Friday afternoon, nearly 23 years ago - and its amazing that after all these years nothing has changed at this church, apart from a farmers market which used to be held once every four months, there is now a farmers market every Saturday morning .... sweet memories of koeksisters, currie bunnies, pannekoek, custard & jelly, hot dogs with real tomato and onion sauce, jaffles and ginger bear comes to mind.
{A few pics I took of gorgeous Claudine Barnard - most of my scrapbooking students will remember some layouts I have done of her in the past.}
It was good to see all 20 members of Conroy's family again, especially mum and dad, Marie and Coen who are now both in their early seventies. The Fourie's are all the most down to earth people, with warm hearts and love's anyone who enters the family unconditionally and always make you feel very special and loved.
{Pics of Leandri Fourie - Conroy's brother, Leon's daughter. Note the hair has become shorter.}
We also spent the most of Sunday with the family in Uitenhage. Sunday's windless and warm weather was a stark contrast to the previous two days' wet, cold and windy conditions. We made full use of this glorious winters day by having a typical South African barbie in Conroy's brother's garden.
{Claudine and Leandri with Lucky}
Something that stood out the most during our 3-day visit to Nelson Mandela Bay was how amazingly clean the city of Port Elizabeth and its immediate surroundings were. The beachfront, freeways, roads shopping malls, etc. was spotless - no rubbish. All the roads were neat, tarred, well lit at night and superbly maintained. We did not spot one pothole - this cannot be said of KZN.
We left PE airport mid day on Monday making our way back home to Kloof, Durban - not for long though ...
- East Caper at Heart Signing Off

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  1. You two certainly had a great time. Visiting family is always a load of fun.

    I can't believe how Claudine and Leandri have changed - very grown up from the scrapped pages you have previuosly done. I like the new shorter hairstyle too.

    At least you have another day off on Thursday (I hope you do!) and then it's the week-end.



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