09 August 2007

... inside and out ...
- Thursday, 9 August 2007 (National Woman's Day in South Africa)
Well here's the interior of our home:

{Main Bedroom}

{Main Bedroom} {Main Bedroom - En Suite}

{Guest Bedroom}

{Guest Bathroom}

{Guest Toilet}

{Third Bedroom}

{Third Bedroom} {Study} {Study} {Dining Room}

{Family Room}

{Formal Lounge - currently utilised as scrapping studio}

{Open Area leading to patio, family room, dining room and kitchen}

{Open area - Entrance hall leading to formal lounge on right}

{Open area - Entrance hall leading to family room}

{Open Area as viewed from family room}







{Kitchen Yard - first door from left: Kitchen; second door from left: Servants Bathroom; third door from left: Servants Quarters currently utilised as workroom}

- Home Owner Signing Off


  1. Your home is truly magnificent Desire! Such a beautiful place to live.

    Megan xx

  2. Sandra6:58 AM

    Ek kan sien dat jy rede het om hartseer te wees oor die verhuis, maar wat wonderlik is, is dat Vader altyd iets beters, iets groter vir ons in gedagte het. En dan praat ek nie noodwendig van eiendom nie. Maak nie saak of mens buiteland of slegs Johannesburg toe trek nie, om daai wortels uit te trek en te verplant is moeilik. Sterkte

  3. Beautiful photos of the home...it really is a lovely home, sure it holds lots of good memories too.

  4. Wow. You have a gorgeous home... I think I should come stay in your Guest room :)

  5. Your home is very beautiful! I love seeing pics like that... just like looking in a home magazine!
    Thanks for the comments on my blog... about the tree stamp - yes, it is one stamp with all those trees, and I used different coloured markers to write right on the stamp and then stamped it onto the paper. You just need to use waterbased markers... even kids' markers will work.

  6. Beautiful home - you can really see the love and attention you have lavished on it. Don't worry, I believe you are the type of person who could make a beautiful home ANYWHERE! I am sure you will have no problem selling your home and getting your price. Still wish you were moving to Pretoria, so that we could scrap together!


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