26 August 2007

SUNSET WONDER(S)!!! ... Here's the Scoop
- Sunday, 26 August 2007 Remember the entry on the KZN Bundu Chicks' weekend at Bundu Lodge near Nelspruit, during March this year, well here's what the chicks have really been up to in the Bundu's. Here's a snippet from the past ...
"Just before supper on Saturday, making our way through a wedding reception the six of us with Michelle carrying our ‘calendar girls’ kit headed for the ‘koppies’ just behind the lodge. Amidst an electric storm and darkness looming Jenny found the perfect spot for us. Scrambling for dear life and cover everyone got ‘it’ off and on i.e. hats, etc. Yours truly had to get kitted out, set up the tripod with the camera on ‘self timer’ and get the girls to put their best side/front forward, no need mentioning that this all had to be done ten times one handedly, the other hand covering ‘bare essentials’. Some stray wedding guests were scanning the ‘koppies’ from down under at the lodge - probably trying to establish from where all the giggling and gasping sounds are coming from – hopefully not to establish what all the flashings of white was up in the ‘koppies’. After seeing the nice shots afterwards, the girls agreed that all the excitement was worthwhile. For those of you who don’t believe that we were brave enough, well here’s just a snippet of proof that we actually did it! "

... and here's the Reveal ...

The Bundu Chicks have decided to have a reunion tomorrow night to relive all the fun we had during the Bundu weekend! I have created this layout of the Reveal and have packed a kit of this layout for each Bundu Chick to complete tomorrow night (eat your heart out girls ...). Don't worry girls, I will guide you every step of the way - I think you will agree that this must be the most beautiful sunset you have ever witnessed.

- Sunset Model Signing Off


  1. STUNNING!!! It was the most beautiful sunset ever seen, especially the memory of why we saw the sunset in the first place.

    I can't wait to do my layout.

    The Lemon Merangue has just come out of the oven!!


  2. I must say, you where all very brave, but I'm sure I would have gone with the flow too, what fun ladies!!! Love the LO...

  3. Well done - awesome layout for awesome memories! You truly make us proud! Bundu chicks RULE!


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