05 September 2007

- Wednesday, 5 September 2007
If these 'four walls' could speak they would conjure up memories filled with countless moments of joy, sadness, elation, sharing, seriousness, laughter, tears, embarrassment, silliness, accomplishment, damaged teeth, green mambas, Greek connections, Tote-Ally Coolness, {D}amn {F}oolness, friendships in the making and Tha Teacha spinning around the table whilst explaining, advising and demonstrating the means to a well balanced scrapbooking layout. They (i.e. the four walls) would probably also have wished for the luxury of ear plugs protecting their ears from endless banging in attempts to set that eyelet perfectly onto a precious layout.
Then there were also times where they (i.e. the four walls) had to take on the role as detectives, especially when a template or tool belonging to Tha Teacha made their way accidentally into a student's bag or tote. They did themselves proud as detectives when items from the lost property drawer met up with their owners.
But the most remarkable event was most definitely the forming of the TP (Teacher's Pet) Gang(s). Note the 's', indicating that there were quite a few such gangs being formed, the most prominent being the Thursday night TP Gang Inc (incorporating the g(r)eek connection) rivaled by the Botha's Hill TP Gang (special edition) and the Bundu Chicks TP Gang. No wonder the TP Gang Rules were formulated in a jiffy. But what these gangs did not realise, was that all Tha Teacha's students were and still remain pets in their own right.

A massive thanks to each and everyone of my students who have attended class(es) as well as scrap days I have hosted and allowed me the opportunity to share my passions with you. They say that Port Elizabeth is the friendly city, but Durbanites can definitely give the PE locals a run for their many when it comes to friendliness.

I sincerely hope that some of you will visit me in GP (Gangsters' Paradise) just to say hello or even pop in for a lesson or two. Remember - you are always welcome!

- Signing off on Secretaries Day


  1. Hey Tha Teacha, don't think you are getting rid of us so quickly!! Once you are settled I will certainly be coming up for a scrapping week-end.

    Don't be sad, just remember all the lives that you have touched with your absolutely fabulous scrapping designs which we will all have forever to remember.


  2. Wishing you loads of happiness in Gp - You have touched many scrappers sould in KZN and now its out turn! I am also making tracks anyone up for a scrapping weekend in WALES?

  3. Wishing you loads of happiness in Gp - You have touched many scrappers sould in KZN and now its out turn! I am also making tracks anyone up for a scrapping weekend in WALES?

  4. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Your story was a real trip down memory lane. It felt like I was sitting in the blue room with you -Desire, and my fellow Thursday night gangsters.
    Our time together will never be forgotten. It has been the best therapy ever, looking forward to my weekly sessions with tha teacha and the gang.
    Unfortunately I will have to find a "Happy Pill" to try and get me through my week without my Thursday night therapy.
    I'm not saying good- bye yet as we have a few more weeks left to do that in. ( if anyone was wondering why I suddenly have time to go onto the blog, its because the other half of the G(r)eek Connection is in Parys. - I mean Paris.....)

  5. Anonymous4:17 PM

    The special times I have spent in the Blue Room will NEVER be forgotten. I have met the MOST amazing, caring and crazy people - I love you one and all.

    Desire you have been given gift, and our loss will definately be The Vaals gain, but really if you are trying to get away from us, the Vaal is just around the corner ( especially for scrapperholics).

    One thing you must all remember, I THE GREEN MAMBA will ALWAYS be the most special TP. Cause I can !!!!


  6. Teachers pet3:58 PM

    Hi there darling teacha!

    The Blue Room quickly became one of my very most favorite spots to hang out and I still haven't quite dealt with your moving to JHB yet.

    I know you had to mention that there are more TP's out there just so that those others don't get all emotional and jealous.......but you and I both know who the real TP is ;-)

    Shame.....poor mamba....and those greeks.....


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