10 September 2007

- Monday, 10 September 2007
Click here http://doinglife.co.za/ and go and familiarise yourself with the look and feel. Browse to your heart's content. Remember new products will be added very frequently so make a note to pop in on a regular basis. Hope you like. Please test it out and pop me an email with any queries and/or constructive criticism or just if you feel like perhaps dishing out some praise ....

* Comprehensive kits for 12x12" (30x30cm) double page scrapbooking layouts {Incl comprehensive notes, paper, embellishments, picture of layout, template, etc.} {No fussing around for supplies and layout ideas} {Layouts incorporate a minimum of 10 photos per layout - use all those favourite photos on one layout} {One new kit each month}

* Unique Templates {The use of templates with a variety of shapes, facilitates in brainstorming layouts with a difference and utilising more photos on a layout}

* Page Planner Templates {What you see is, what you get. Use the template design as is for a pleasing well-balanced layout. No layout brainstorming required. Time saving.} See Flickers in sidebar on DOING LIFE for examples of layouts done with some of these templates.

* Light Boxes {30x30cm light boxes, fluorescent light fitting, perspex top, 3m cord and fitted plug} {Facilitates the use of templates to draw shapes on back of photos}

* Herma Adhesives {Dispensers, Refills, etc.}

* Photos of Template based Layouts

- DoingLife.co.za's Managing Director signing off


  1. Suzette3:35 PM

    Desire, this is wonderful news. At least we will still be able to get our favourite albums and goodies from you. I look forward to the monthly scrapbooking layouts.

  2. Looking forward the new layouts each month

    Don't forget my offer.


  3. Teachers Pet9:21 AM

    Hi Darling Teacha :)

    Well done!! I can't wait to see the site and the layouts!!

    Am counting the days until the 1st of Sep.

    X X X

  4. Carol (the other TP)9:45 PM

    I have just been looking through your blog and know I am going to miss you so much! All the fun times we have had, all the laughts! But I know we will often be in your thoughts as we will have you in ours. I look forward to keeping in touch via your monthly kits, and times you will be visiting us KZN'ers, as well as your blog!
    Lots of love, the 2nd TP

  5. Teachers Pet (The only one)11:13 AM

    Who told Carol she was the second TP?????

  6. Anonymous12:28 PM

    The only good thing about losing our dear teacher to the Vaal, cause every cloud has a silver lining..... Now with the on line shopping my dear, darling Husband now pays for my scrapbooking, a LOT cheaper I tell you.
    It takes a Green Mamba and a TP to work that one out - come on ladies get with the program. I am sooooooo excited to get my first lay out.
    Also, please teacher dont forget me when you giving out lessons !!!!
    Just thought I would remind you hee hee.

    The Green Mamba


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