20 January 2008

THE FISCHER SIBLINGS - Sunday, 20 January 2008
You Doing Life visitors may have noticed a Flickr in the right side bar containing photos of the model Nicole Fischer. Nicole is the daughter of one of my KZN scrapbooking students/friends. Recently Stella got a professional photographer to take photos of their two exceptionally good looking children on the Durban beach front, Nicole and her younger brother Anthony. Judging by these photos (courtesy of Design Studio Photography) Anthony could easily follow in his sister's footsteps i.e. becoming a model. I am sure the girls are all starting to zoom in on him. Stella, you will need to prepare yourself for a daughter-in-law on the not too distant future.
Stella's Dad is in hospital at the moment and I would like to wish her, Nicola (her sister) and their mum all the strength they need to go through this difficult time. Thinking of you.
- Model Admirer Signing Off

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  1. Oh Wow, what stunning photos and Nicole and Anthony are georgeous models.

    My thoughts are with you Stella and Nicola as this tough time with your dad being so ill.



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