21 January 2008

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A magnificant chandelier in one of Makaranga's foyers

Having survived a severe Highveld thunderstorm on Thursday, during which a lightning strike must have hit our home … could feel the electricity running through my body (never felt something like this before) … I was off to Durbs on Friday morning. Michelle collected me at the airport just after 10am. It was so good to see her again. Although we have been in contact with each other via emails, sms’ and telephone, it is just not the same as seeing each other in the flesh and being able to give each other a hug. From the airport we stopped over at Michelle’s home where we collected two cars’ full of supplies for the Doing Life Scrapaganza’s Shoppe. Michelle’s hubby, Dereck, kindly gave up some of his home office space to store the supplies. Dereck also drove the one car full of supplies to Makaranga (Dereck you are one in a million and I am sure that all of the 57 girls attending the Scrapaganza sincerely appreciated your help). We left with Michelle’s car also packed to the brim with supplies. En route to Makaranga we made a quick detour to my ex office ‘AlexanderCox’ in Kloof to collect a final box of supplies all the way from America. We were held up a bit longer than we anticipated, as all my ex colleagues were excited to see me and wanted to catch up on news from the ‘Big Smoke’. We totally forgot that Dereck has never been to Makaranga and we were supposed to meet him there. As we left AlexanderCox, Dereck phoned Michelle to enquire where we were. At Makaranga Dereck told us that he has been firmly reprimanded by Makaranga’s staff when they caught him merrily driving around {what Dereck said seemed like very narrow roads} the garden paths, in search of the DL Team and the conference venue. Dereck’s defense was to blame us for not being there to show him around. We excitedly off-loaded the two cars with Dereck still willing to assist us after we deserted him.

Michelle guarding over Doing Life's supplies

The Makaranga Team, Marlene, Reena, Toyo and Bianca, deserve a medal for their exceptional friendliness and personal assistance. They went out of their way and bent over backwards to ensure that the DL Team’s Scrapaganza ran smoothly.

Speed Queen Competition Board

We only had access to half of the venue just after 3pm and in the meantime checked into my room, had lunch and something to drink. Just after 3pm we started unpacking the supplies and Michelle set up the shop very organized, neat and with a marketing strategy in mind. We had lots of laughs setting up the HERMA SPEED QUEEN COMPETITION and could visualize how some delegates were going to be seriously stressed out.

Doing Life's Assistant in her element

Delegates' Name Tags

Yours Truly executing a final delegate check

Since Doing Life’s January 2007 Scrapaganza, Makaranga acquired quite a quaint little registration nook and we couldn’t wait to pack out the name tags. Yours truly packed the name tags out and Michelle patiently aligned them perfectly (clearly an indication of who’s the perfectionist between us).

Doing Life's hands-on Marketing Manager

We finished setting up round about 7:30pm. Reena and Toyo were still there assisting us and locked up. We had a light dinner after which Michelle went home and I retired to my very comfortable room.

The unbelievable tranqual view from my bedroom patio.

It was an early rise on the Big Day with a very excited Michelle knocking me up at 6am. We enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate out on my room’s balcony overlooking the glorious gardens. Very relaxed we set off to the conference venue (in the same building as my room) to make sure everything was in place. The first delegates arrived way before 7am hardly being able to keep their excitement at bay. For me it was real therapy seeing so many of my scrapping students cum friends in person again. It felt like I haven’t seen them for ages even though it was barely two months. Thank you everyone for all the hugs and comforting words re my sister … it means a lot to me. It was also great to see quite a few new faces in person … welcome to the Doing Life Way of Scrapping … hope you were total converts at the end of the day.

The Infamous Thursday Night TP Gang. Back: Yours Truly, Libby Houareau, Robyn Keulder, Nicola Jennings & Stella Fischer. Front: Beverley Dow (The well known Green Mamba) & Carol Liebrandt.

After a steaming cuppa, home baked muffin, registration a thing of the past and the Shoppe just-just withstanding an onslaught of desperate scrapaholics, yours truly welcomed everyone, followed by Michelle reciting an Ode (written by herself) which was a follow-up on the Ode she recited at the January 2007’s Scrap Day … here it is:

AN ODE TO THE MAKARANGA SCRAP DAY 19 JANUARY 2008 Desire has left us Oh what do we do? As the KZN students Slump into the blues But wait, she has to visit us She just can’t stay away So she’s planned very carefully Another Makaranga Scrap Day With her able assistant (that’s me!) She’s put together a pack Of all the things necessary Just for you all to scrap The photos are ready You’re waiting to see Just how this scrap page Is going to be So open your pack Read instructions carefully Then create your masterpiece For your whole family to see Don’t forget the little shoppe With new things to buy But “my credit card is maxed out” I hear you all sigh! We hope you’re ecstatic And over the moon And are eager to come back again On the 14th June Enjoy your Scrapping Day!

Spot Prize winners (Sponsored by Absolutely Scraptacular): Left: Lesley Stewart. Right: Karen van Staden. Karen was also the lucking Grand Prize winner.

Being a person of few words, I explained the program for the day i.e. how the Grand Prize would be determined and, more important, how the HERMA SPEED QUEEN COMPETITION would take place. Twelve teams, with 4 or 5 team members each were pre‑determined. One team at a time would be called forward, take their place at the competition table where an empty Herma Sticky Square Dispenser was awaiting each team member. At the count of three a refill had to be loaded into the empty dispenser, closed and advanced to the first sticky square, upon which a team member had to put up her hand in the air. The first hand in the air would be the winner of the team and go through to the quarter final. Everyone who refilled their way to the quarter‑final received a packet of Making Memories brads. The quarter final winners advanced to the semi-final and ultimately the final which determined the first ever HERMA SPEED QUEEN!!!! The newly crowned SPEED QUEEN also received a floating trophy onto which her name would be engraved as well as a nice little scrapping hamper, naturally containing, amongst other goodies, Herma Sticky Square Refills. So, if you think you have what it takes to become the next HERMA SPEED QUEEN, make sure that you book for the next DOING LIFE Scrapaganza, on 14 June 2008, at Makaranga Garden Lodge, Durban.

The two HERMA SPEED QUEEN FINALISTS: Left: Lesley Stewart. Right: Janine Miller. Note the concentration on Lesley's face.

The newly crowned, first time ever, HERMA SPEED QUEEN, Janine Miller. Janine received a floating trophy onto which her name will be engraved. She also has to be present at the next Scrapaganza on 14 June 2008 to defend her title.

With all the formalities out of the way, the first kit ‘Strike a Pose’ was handed out to all the delegates, some who could not contain their eagerness and practically ripped open the kits. Everyone was happy to follow the comprehensive notes and carry on at their own pace. This resulted in a very relaxed, stress-free Scrapaganza as no one was pressurized to keep up with someone else.

The mid-morning tea break was accompanied by sumptuous home-baked scones, with preserves and cream as well as savoury scones with grated cheese … yummie. Lunch time was equally mouth-watering in the form of a buffet lunch ranging from cold to warm dishes. But for yours truly, the desert took first prize, especially the lemon meringue and pepper mint crisp tarts, absolute to die for.

After all the tummies were filled to the brim, everyone meandered back to the conference venue admiring the beautiful gardens, where the afternoon’s ‘Precious’ kit was awaiting them. As was the case with the morning kit, everyone was off the blocks instantly.

Left to Right: Top Row: Ann Farquharson & Nicola Jennings, Tracey Pienaar & Tarryn Ballard (sisters), Beverley Dow & Denise Pienaar (Sister-in-laws). Second Row: Kim Kok & Andy Wallis, Nishi Harrypersad & Sheila Corfe, Bronwyn & Kirsten Bennett (Sisters). Bottom Row: Brenda Moon & Linda Stuart (Sister-in-Laws), Tracey Meikle & Suzette Witteveen, Lorna Haagman.
It was quite satisfying at the end of the day to see that most of the delegates went home with two double page layouts complete with journaling and all as well as a huge smile on their dials! Who says scrapbooking is a waste of time? For me it is a real spirit lifter and at the same time ensuring that memories are kept alive.

Left to Right: Top Row: Vaun Milne & Janine Miller (Mom & Daughter), Audrey Raath, Kerry Harper & Lynn Hulland (Daughter & Mom). Middle Row: Carol Friedman & Louise Torr, Gillian Bell & Barbara de Kock, Cheryl Gwillam and Linda Campbell (Sisters). Bottom Row: Lesley Stewart & Karen van Staden, Jenny Reid & Ellie Griffiths, Theresa Condes & Jeanette Cornell.

After everyone has deserted the DL Team, we reluctantly packed up and hastily made our way to the cocktail lounge for a sundowner and to reminisce over the days happenings. We also started planning the next Scrapaganza on Saturday 14 June 2008, same place, same time.

Left to Right: Top Row: Shelley Candiotes (DL Management Team Member) & Rayna Winson, Carolyn Lynn & Cheryl Zunckel, Chris Senekal & Petro Metzler. Middle Row: Dionne Collett & Carol Liebrandt, Libby Houareau & Robyn Keulder, Lisa Bartels & Jan Bosch. Bottom Row: Lizelle Schutz & Retha Oelofse, Heather Braun & Tracy Rowland, Stella Fischer & Meryl Blore.

Brenda Dexter (left) & Lisa Gallagher (right).

A giant thank you to all the delegates who generously took time out of their weekend routine to attend the day, without you the day would not have been a reality. Your support is as always hugely appreciated. A special thank you goes to Michelle, my right hand, sound board and pillar. Thank you for all the fetching and carrying of yours truly and the Doing Life supplies – you are a true friend in need and deed! So … its back to the drawing board for me … 14 June 2008 is not that too distant. - A fun loving Doing Lifer signing off


  1. You certaily have a way with words and you have really done the account of the day true justice. What a great summary of events!

    It is my honour and pleasure to be involved in your scrap days - it is really something I enjoy and love doing (organising!!)

    Looking forward to the next one.


  2. Looks like you all had loads of fun...

    Hope to be at the next one...

  3. I will forever love your photos and your scrap pages... gorgeous as always.


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