02 March 2008


The week started off on a slow note with Leanne and her family taking a weekend break in Plettenberg Bay and only returning Monday afternoon. As soon as they stepped off the plane, Leanne and her husband headed for the wooden trellis sub-contractor keeping him on his toes after fighting for his commitment to this project, the previous Friday. From Wednesday to Friday this past week, only the pavement walls and part of the walls at the front door were cladded with wooden trellises. This is not even 3% of this sub-contractor’s installation done.

Now don't get strange ideas about this cactus ...
These plants have got a Mexican feel to them
Leanne was starting to stress out seriously by Friday, as a huge number of plants have already been delivered (see pictures) to site and her hands are tied by the lack of commitment from the trellis sub-contractor. Only certain sections of the garden closest to the house, the pavement and section outside the dining room window however can be landscaped at this point in time. A huge number of terra cotta pots have also been delivered to site. Leanne did not only put her feet up in Plettenberg Bay, she discovered a resident potter who creates beautiful handmade pots i.e. http://www.pret-a-pot.com/. Leanne did not let any grass grow under her feet and ordered a number of extra large terra cotta pots with classic round shapes (yours truly’s brief), which she did not manage to get hold of here in Gauteng.
Rock roses
My favourite design element, the massive rock bench … all the way from Delmas … has finally found its resting spot and has been incorporated with the garden path. Numerous cups of early morning tea have already been enjoyed on top of this rock bench.

A local resident has already made its initial inspection of the land-shaping taking place.

Some planting will definitely take place this coming week and by the end of the week the pavement and dining room window sections should be basking in the glory of their own unique landscaping.

Tree Aloes (above) / Cabbage Trees (below)

Peglerae Aloes (on right)

Another exciting event is also scheduled to take place tomorrow (Monday). Our new Van Ach custom designed front door is scheduled to be installed, replacing our current front door which makes funny creaking noises due to the numerous huge cracks in it. We have already filled the cracks with wood filler, but the creaking still continues. The door handle has also fallen off quite a few times and is hanging on for life by way of loose screws. The only beings very happy about our current front door is the insect life which cannot believe their luck i.e. the huge gap underneath the door facilitates free access (no knocking required) to any insect or creepy crawly in search of greener pastures. But, as most of our South Africans have come accustomed to, don’t hold your breath that the front door installation will actually take place as scheduled. - Planting deprived signing off


  1. Things are certainly starting to take shape. I love the plants and the layout in its infant stages looks awesome.

    Can't wait to see the next update!


  2. Some of the pictures that you take are of simple things, like rocks... but you always make everything look so amazing, you really do have an eye for beauty.

  3. I will have to come visit South Africa one day, what an amazing place I have learned it to be, all from your photos... We will have to scrapbook together when I come over!!


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