09 March 2008

- Sunday, 9 March 2008 UPDATE NO.8 – A Woody Crisis going Potty
This week has been earmarked by the trellis sub-contractor being chased off the site during the early part of the week. An eerie air of disappointed was hanging over everyone involved with this complex project.
Monday We phoned Leanne late Monday evening requesting her to have the already installed trellis work removed, claim her deposit back and have the walls repainted. We were just getting totally fed up with the poor quality of workmanship by this sub-contractor.
Tuesday After sleeping on it, and realizing what a crucial element the trellis work is to the overall design, we asked Leanne the next morning to obtain a few more quotes from skilled carpenters who were prepared to do the trellis work complying with our high standards. Leanne got hold of a carpenter who gets sub-contracted by Van Ach Doors (the same people installing our new front door). He was thoroughly briefed and spent about one and half hours measuring all 26 sections of the boundary wall to be covered with trellis work … this was Wednesday. We were supposed to receive his quote by the Thursday afternoon … well Friday afternoon arrived and no quote in sight. Leanne arranged a meeting with him for Saturday morning at the sacked sub-contractor’s site in order for him to see the raw product. He did not pitch for the appointment … so the moral of the story is that we are back at square one. The sacked sub-contractor apparently refuses to reimburse Leanne the deposit and is sending a representative from their head office in Durban to come and inspect their Gauteng branch’s installation this coming Monday. Hopefully Leanne will once and for all sort this issue out this week.
Wednesday The stunning terra cotta pots arrived from Pret-a-Pot in Plettenberg Bay. I was quite impressed with how well these pots have been packaged by means of polystyrene, plastic and wood crates. They all arrived in tact … Pickfords, hope you take note of how goods should be packed.
It just comes to show that Bigfoot can tread lightly ... all the pots arrived in tip top condition
Yours truly and Leanne busy with 'potty training'
Thursday The sandstone table and benches arrived from the Free State … but true to South African service … nothing is ever quite kosher. One thick bench seat and one thin bench seat arrived, so we had to send the thin bench seat back … being promised that the correct seat will arrive on Monday … probably ‘Monday’ in three weeks time. Stone is definitely a seriously heavy commodity … it took nine men more than an hour to get the table and benches from the truck to its position in the garden. There are definitely nine backs out there that will never be the same.
The Orange Free State sandstone table top being transported by nine men's brute strength
Table and bench area still needs be fine tuned i.e. bench seats, gravel filling and planting
Leanne’s crew had no time for recovery after the sandstone table/bench episode … soon after which ‘The World of Rock’ arrived with +12 more massive rocks. It took another hour and half to off-load these rocks by way of wheel barrows, koefoets and pure brute strength. It is a miracle that there were no broken backs, toes or fingers. I just love all the Delmas rocks which are giving the landscape a true African mountain feel.
The big aloes on the left are Marlothi's (this is just the basic structural outlay - lots of planting and trellis work still to be executed)
Amongst all the above dramas some planting also took place, but there are still a ginormous amount of plants to be planted as we head into the fifth week of continuous landscaping. It is a painstakingly slow process. Just as I thought we are done with the builders and their cement … they are apparently on site once again this Monday to finalise the cobble edging around the swing bench area and to create level pedestals for two of the 5 big pots which are to be placed either side of the garage door. Some plants are definitely not going to survive the builders’ rough and tumble approach.
Aloe Vera's - used in Baby Soft Toilet paper currently advertised
I must take my hat of for Leanne with her ever friendly and patient nature, not only with her crew but also with her ‘client’ … - High Expectations Signing off


  1. The garden is taking great shape, love it!

  2. Absolutely stunning and I can just imagine how the finished product will be. I love the wooden effect on the wall and can understan why it has to be perfect.

    Looking forward to the next update.


  3. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Wow Desire, I can't believe how much work you put into your garden! I admire your stickability and also can't wait to see the finished product. Please keep the blog entries coming - I find it fascinating to watch how things are done. Miss you lots.
    Carol (the other TP)

  4. I think it will be so nice and lovely garden.^-^


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