30 April 2008

- Sunday, 27 April 2008
We had such a relaxing Sunday lunch with Heidi (my sister's eldest daughter) and her husband, Bernhardt visiting with their most adorable two bambinos, Alisha and Zander.

Alisha more than 3 years ago ... the cute-factor is definitely still there!

I managed to get a few quick snapshots of them late afternoon. The cards was turned this time around. On my previous attempt (about 18 months ago) to take photos of these two, Zander was very patient with the photographer and Alisha was the one doing her best not to be photographed. But this time round, Alisha did the most adorable poses without any begging, but Zander definitely did not like having a camera shoved up has face.
I must say, our newly landscaped garden seems to be a flattering backdrop for portrait photography ... its just the first time round subjects that were not too cooperative.
The layouts I did, in 2006, of Alisha and Zander below gives one quite a good idea of how they have grown in just over 18 months time.
Here's wishing all you South Africans a joyful and relaxing loooong weekend ... don't over indulge too much hey!
- Bambino Fan Signing Off

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  1. Aaaah those kiddies are so cute. And typical of children where one will co-operate and the other won't!!

    Can't wait to see the new layouts with them.



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