06 May 2008

- 6 May 2008
After discovering a fantastic bead shop near our local gym, the bug has bitten again. A few of my beading creations sold and I needed to replenish my jewelry stock once again. I have actually forgotten how relaxing it is to sit down and execute some creations whilst one's mind ventures off into a separate world. Here are a few new items freshly created by yours truly. The necklaces are R250 and the bracelets R100, should some of you be interested in adorning yourselves with lovely beads.
The 'Juwele' sign was a gift from one of our god children, Kyle ... thanks Kyle, the sign finished off the picture perfectly.

PS: Beverley, your watch is in perfect working order again ... will let you have it soon.

- Beady Eyes signing off


  1. Oh my gosh Desire, those are absolutely stunning!! I will certainly have to check them out when I see you this week-end.

    Happy Birthday for today. Hope you have a wonderful day and get totally spoilt as always.

    Lots of love

  2. Oh these are adorable


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