09 April 2008

- Wednesday, 9 April 2008
Those of you who entered the above competition that was launched on 18 December 2007 here on Doing Life, probably wondered whether there was an actual winner and if so, what did she win.
The winner was announced at Doing Life's Scrapaganza on 19 January 2008 at Makaranga Garden Lodge in Kloof, Durban.
The question was 'How many doors does our new home in Fernridge Estate have?'. The answer was 21. Gladys Bevis was the first person whose guess was spot on. Gladys was not present at the Scrapaganza, but her daughter Cheryl accepted the prize on behalf of her Mom who was on holiday (probably in Namibia as usual). Cheryl emailed me this picture of her very excited Mom with the prize. The prize was a Creative Memories Gelatine and Geometric punch. Gladys, I trust that the prize has already come in handy during your scrapping.
As most of you are probably aware, Doing Life's next Scrapaganza at Makaranga Garden Lodge is on Saturday, 14 June 2008 and the winner of the next 'Online Competition' (soon to be launched here ... so keep your eyes peeled), will be announced on this day. A clue for the next competition: {don't go potty}.
“A man who does not plan long ahead will find trouble right at his door”
In the meantime, we have replaced our home's front door with a new door from Van Ach. As we have come accustomed to in SA, nothing ever runs smoothly in the building industry. We are very happy with our new front door. From the outside its perfect, but unfortunately the wooden custom designed fancy door handle on the inside is skew. Van Ach has already sent out two carpentry teams to come and investigate i.e. measure and measure and measure again, take photos from every angle and even tried to drill to get the handle off, but to date the handle is still skew. Apparently, Van Ach is attempting to track down the specific carpenter who constructed the door, to come and put things (the handle) straight. So, the waiting game is on.
Looking forward to seeing most of you Doing Lifers at Doing Life's Scrapaganza on 14 June 2008.
- Door to door signing off

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  1. Way to go Gladys. Happy scrapping with your new goodies!!

    I love your door - very reagal.



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