19 April 2008

KINROSS LANDSCAPING PROJECT {The Album} - Monday, 21 April 2008
You’ve followed this project step-by-step during Feb/Mar’08 here on Doing Life. You’ve seen the photos … here’s the start of the scrapbooking Album, step-by-step.

These first four layouts will all be available in kit format at Doing Life’s Online Shoppe http://www.doinglife.co.za/. Some of them are already available. All these layouts each incorporates at least 12 photos and will definitely help you reduce the height of your photo stash that needs scrapping.

It is quite fun reliving the project from the start again, but without the dust factor. I cannot wait to do my first photo shoot in our indigenous haven. So watch this space … - Nature lover signing off


  1. These are stunning layouts Desire! I must say when you go back and scrap pictures, it certainly brings back a lot of memories and sometimes emotions, but in this instance I have to agree, without the dust and the stress levels!!

  2. Thanks to place translator, this allows to be able to communicate to us.
    Happy, very happy for being here, for seeing with beauty the life through its photos.
    Alive in Argentina and master the life as much as you.
    I take leave moved. I leave a hug so long him and!


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