10 June 2008

BEADING CREATIONS - Tuesday, 10 June 2008
I know I have been guilty ... no blogging for some time. Final arrangements for my Makaranga Scrapaganza this coming Saturday, 14 June 2008 has been keeping me occupied. I am very excited about hosting my third Doing Life Scrapaganza at Makaranga Garden Lodge in Kloof, Durban and as I have heard via the grapevine, the same counts for most of the delegates attending. Hope you have all entered the 'Going Potty Competition' (see a few entries below), a handsome little scrapping hamper is up for grabs, if not go and take part right away. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the delegates for their loyal support. Without you the Doing Life Scrapaganzas won't be a reality.
I am flying down to Durbs, Thursday morning and Michelle (Doing Life's Deputy Chair lady ... note the promotion!) will be collecting me at the airport from where we will be transporting boxes of supplies from her home to Makaranga. I am also looking so forward to seeing the TP Gang on Thursday night ... hopefully there will be no green mamba specialities on the menu. I must say I would rather prefer Greek connection specialities (Oscars, please take note) ... just teasing Bev hey!! And let us hold thumbs that the Botha's Hill Gang won't live up to their reputation and gate crash! A certain Botha's Hill Gang member has already been gate crashing here at Fernridge Estate.
Winter has been creeping up on us here in Gauteng and suddenly the nights have become quite chilly and so has the days. The underfloor heating in my scrapping studio has been working overtime the last week or so. Apparently, a fiercely cold winter 2008 has been forcasted by the weather experts for SA. Mmm ... I do hope that our new garden plants will survive the winter. Fortunately, their fate is not in the hands of Eskom ... so this can only be a good omen ... or what?
I have also been creating some jewelery lately and here are some of the creations. The creations have become popular birthday gifts and I have to replenish my supplies quite regularly as of late. I must say it is much more convenient than racking our brains and braving the masses in the shopping malls, for presents.
Necklaces: R250
Bracelets; R100

For those of you who are contemplating attending the Inkungu Lodge Berg Scrapping Breakaway from 18-19 September '08, remember the final date for bookings is 20 June '08 (see advert below).

Looking forward to seeing you all at Makaranga Garden Lodge on Saturday ... just a few more sleeps.
- Overly excited signing off


  1. Oh wow, a promotion - thanks Desire!!!!!

    I love your beading creations and agree that they do make great gifts and certainly would save trapsing through malls looking.

    I am so looking forward to the Scrap Day and seeing everyone again.

    Dinner, well I can't gatecrash as this time was officially invited - he he.

    Yes, the weather certainly has been rather icy of late - I dread what we are in for.

    See you on Thursday!!

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  3. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Hi Desire

    Pragtige "juwele" wat jy maak. Ek beny julle die koue :-)

    Ek het nog nie gescrapboek alhoewel ek geniet om daarna te kyk, en nou het ons 'n scrap bybelstudie begin waaroor ons baie opgewonde is!

    Geniet jou blog baie


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