20 June 2008

Saturday, 14 June 2008
So, here's the scoop ......
I flew down to Durban on Thursday, 12 June. Michelle {Doing Life's (DL) Chauffeur Service} collected me just after 12pm at Durban Airport. We made a pit stop at Michelle's {DL's Storage Foreman} home to load all the Scrapaganza's supplies en route to Makaranga, where I was staying until 18 June. I initially posted two boxes to Michelle {DL's post lady} containing the kits for the two layouts to be presented on the day, but Michelle {DL's Stock Manager} then emailed me a comprehensive list of supplies that was required for DL's shop on 14 June. So yours truly sent box no.3 and no.4 to Michelle with a note that box no.4 is the final box. No sooner did Michelle receive box no.4 when she received another email furnishing her with the tracking number for box no.5, which was definitely the last box of supplies. But alas, a few weeks later Michelle received yet another email furnishing her with the tracking number of box no.6, which WAS eventually the last box of supplies. Thanks Michelle {DL's Weight Lifter} for all the fetching and carrying of the boxes which nearly all weighed more than 20kg's.
Thursday evening it was the TP [Teacher's Pet] Gang's reunion with their ex-Teacha at Oscars in Hillcrest. Thank you all for a lovely evening of catching up with happenings in KZN. It was great to be back 'home' again ...
Friday morning, Michelle {DL's Breakfast Companion}, joined me for Breakfast on the terrace at Makaranga, before we started setting up the conference venue. After a hectic day of setting up the Doing Life Shoppe me and Michelle went for relaxing facials at Makaranga's Spa. I found out for the first time, during our facials, that Michelle {DL's Tree Chopper} was a snorer! After our refreshing facials we had a quick bite to get the energy levels up. I can really recommend Makaranga's toasted sames and especially the potato wedges which accompanies their sames. With the energy levels recharged me and Michelle {DL's Gas Co-Ordinator} set off blowing up 45 balloons of which 13 contained spot prizes. And of course the balloons were gas quality and not 'breath' quality as pointed out by a severely breathless Michelle {DL's Quality Controller} .
Saturday morning, Michelle {DL's Alarm Clock} arrived just after 6am at Makaranga. After a quick reconnaissance we made our way down to the Conference venue. Very over-eager delegates descended upon us as early as 6:35am! Now, if this not proof of how dedicated scrappers are to their trade, I don't know.
The Scrapaganza kicked off with a warm welcome and a few announcements by yours truly, followed by an Ode written and read by Michelle {DL's Author}, which has by now become a tradition at DL Scrapaganzas. Here's the Ode:


It is the 14th June

And you’ve all come back

To see what we have put together

For you all to scrap

Desire always spoils us

With gifts and more

That’s why we get excited

And always come back for more

The name tags are made

The competition is decided

And everything is ready

To get you all excited

The Herma Queen

Has to defend her crown

So don’t make her laugh too much

Otherwise she just might slow down

The shoppe is open

Lots of goodies to see

So bring your credit card or cash

And hand it over to me

When you open your pack

Read the instructions carefully

Then get on and scrap

So that we all can see

There was another competition

To see who can guess

So I hope you used your thinking caps

And put your brains to the test

There are lucky draws

That will take place

And as one of you win

We’ll see a big smile on your face

The tea, scones and muffins

Are all just so yummy

And the buffet lunch

Will fill the gap in your tummy

So whether you have come from near or far

We’re really excited to say

How pleased we are that you have come

To share another Makaranga scrap day

Enjoy your Scrapping Day!

The day's proceedings kicked with the first layout of the day entitled 'SPECIAL MOMENTS'.
Kits for this layout is available at DL's Online Shoppe at R180.

From top left: Shelley Candiotes and Rayna Winson, Kerry Harper and Lynn Hulland (Daughter and Mom), Jeanette Cornell and Theresa Condes, Tracey Meikle and Brenda MacDonald.

From top left: Yolandi Milne and Vaun Milne (Winner of Grand Prize) (Daughter in law and Mom), Gladys Bevis (Winner of Online Potty Competition) and Linda Campbell (Mom and Daughter), Carolyn Lynn and Cheryl Gwillam, Beverley Dow and Denise Pienaar.

From top left: Tracey Pienaar and Tarryn Ballard (Sisters), Claudette Upfold and Lisa Bartels, Karen van Staden and Lesley Stewart, Lisa Gallagher and Vanessa Scott-Moncrieff.

From top left: Charmian MacKenzie and Jenny Reid, Dee Bristow and Sheila Corfe, Stella Fischer (sorry about your closed eyes) and Nicola Jennings (the Greek Connection), Ulrike van der Ham and Linda Musgrove.

From top left: Dionne Collette and Audrey Raath (Herma Speed Queen), Ellie Griffiths and Wendy Roberts, Samantha Wright and Carol Liebrandt, Libby Houareau and Robyn Keulder.

From top left: Theresa Condes at work, Yolandi Milne busy creating, Ann Farquharson proudly displaying her handy work, Sabine James and Jacqui Bourne (Mom and Daughter).

This is the afternoon's layout which is also available at DL's Online Shoppe at R180.


A very excited Audrey Raath boasting with her prize for becoming the newly crowned HERMA SPEED QUEEN after defeating 44 contenders for the title!

Audrey's name will be engraved on the floating trophy. She is the second Herma Speed Queen.


DOING LIFE'S CASHIER just recently escaped from prison on her way to the HeyDay's Sale!






Michelle and hubby, Dereck stayed over at Makaranga Saturday night. It was Michelle's birthday on Sunday and after a sumptuous breakfast on the patio, we wondered through the breathtaking beautiful gardens and took some pictures which I am sure will hold fond memories for Michelle of her Makaranga Birthday ... it seems to be a general trend that women love having their pictures taken and men absolutely dread it ....

The happy couple celebrating their 24th wedding anniversary in Makaranga's Japanese Garden (Michelle and Dereck's wedding anniversary was on Monday, 16 June)

Now that's more like it Dereck ... a smile on the dial at last!


Most of you have probably heard on the news about the flash floods in KZN and that certain areas have been declared as disaster areas. Most people probably thought that Durban Airport was closed because of the adverse weather conditions on Wednesday, 18 June, but this was not the case. The Durban Airport was closed because an aeroplane skidded on the tarmac after landing and ended up in muddy grass next to the runway. So, yours truly sat from 11am at a CHAOTIC Durban Airport and only arrived just before 11pm at home in Johannesburg, nearly a 12 hour stint ... rather late than never!

A big thank you to all the delegates who attended the 14 June 2008 Scrapaganza. Without you, such a day won't be possible.

See you all at the next Makaranga Scrapaganza on Saturday, 6 December 2008!


  1. ha ha ha I just love it!!!!

    It is now written in colour that I am a lady of many talents!!!!!

    I don't think I could have written a better account of the day, so when I eventually update my blog, I will just have to refer everyone to yours.

    I love how out pictures in the gardens came out - and the flowers came out beautifully. I will definitely be doing a couple of pages for memories sake - very special.

    It was a pleasure assisting you with everything and I am so glad that all went off well and everyone enjoyed the day.

    For December's scrap day I will have to have a vuvuzela and handcuffs, to complete the escaped prisoner on the way to a hey day sale look!!!


  2. Sure looks like all had fun, really sorry I missed it...

  3. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Well done Desire for once again creating two stunning layouts for the day and enticing us all to stock up on lots of wonderful goodies from the "Shoppe". I have been revitalized to do more scrapping this weekend. Looking forward to Inkungu weekend, as I will need to catch up on Beijing photos by then.

  4. nice pics..Can I grab some?

  5. Hi Desire, Firstly I want to say a HUGE thank you for the wonderful day at Makaranga – I am absolutely thrilled with both my layouts. My second one I finished at home because, if you can remember, I found the small papers too grey to go with my sepia photos, BUT I managed to find a sheet of green sort of vintage looking paper and used that – I am sooo happy with my layout – thank you so much. I can’t wait for the December day and hope to buy some more kits then. Hubby has been too kind and been very generous to me. I hope you have recovered from all the hard work you have put into making this day such a success – I cannot believe how much work you put in (and Michelle!). I appreciate you very much ... Lotsa love ...
    Carol (other TP)

  6. Looks like you had loads of fun - will keep an eye out for the one in December.

    I saw some familiar faces amongst your pics - nice to see the ladies are still scrapping - some of whom have been around for a while. Makaranga looks gorgeous - beautiful pics.

    Well done! It seems another successful day has come and gone.

    Love, Tracy


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