25 August 2008

I am jumping a leap of joy right over the moon today. Once again I have the honour of accepting another blog award. This around I received an award from Michelle who says that she loves Doing Life, and it is fantastic that this praise came from a fellow South African blogger. Thank you Michelle, Doing Life will attempt to keep on making your visits worthwhile. So, now I am happy to present this award to six of my very favourite fellow South African cyber space activits ... and here they are:

The rules are simple: 1. Make a blog post where you pass the award on to seven blogs you like and 2. Post a comment at their blog to tell them about the award!

Michelle (Doing Life Chair Lady) Sandra (residing in Dubai) Libby (Tha Teacha's Pet) Tracy (The BOM expert) Jacqui (The Kitchen Make-Over Expert) Leanne (residing in London) - Honoured signing off


  1. Oh wow, you feel honoured, then you must know how I feel!!

    I love my new title - he he

    Thanks Desire, much appreciated.

  2. This is so awesome!! Thank you so much for the award darling teacha!! I feel very very honoured! I will have to make sure I can live up to it :)

    Your blogging bug has me bitten! I can't believe how addictive it is once you get going...and such fun!

    Thanks for the award again :)

  3. PS: I've heard back from Tracy and am registered for the BOM challenge... think Carol is going to join as well...she said you were so encouraging x x x

  4. Me again...... Teacha's pet needs advice on how to put the links in my post to other peoples blogs?? when you have a mo?? And how do I get that fancy signature?? So many questions and so much blogging to do...not enough time to do any work :)

  5. ok last comment for today :) otherwise it will look like I'm becoming a stalker....

    I know you've already got the prize once, but I think you deserve it twice :)) so pop on over to my blog and grab your award!!

    PS: Thanks for all the blogging help...what would I do without u!!

  6. That is so sweet - thank you! Will attempt to load and pass it on ... I don't normally do these kind of "chain letter" things but you are always so sincere - thank you!!

    Love, Tracy

  7. Hi Desire

    Take a look at today's post on my blog - thanks for your inspiration and for the kind advise and comments you always leave on my blog - I am enjoying getting to know you through our BOM challenges.

    Love, Tracy

  8. Hi Desire.... I've chosen you to be one of the recipients of my blogger award.... Thanks for all the inspiration!
    Love Jacqui


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