25 August 2008

I am still pinching myself to see whether I can figure out why I have let myself into the 'studying' thing again. Especially, as I still have nightmares about by Matric Exam i.e. writing a history exam, whilst never having a class for it. By the way I did not even have History as a subject in matric.
I have enrolled with Intec College for the Adobe Photoshop CS3 course and as you can see there are quite a bit of study material to get through. Each manual includes a CD with all the tuts on as well. As yet, I have not even had the courage to load the software onto my laptop. Planning though to do it sometime this week. At least that will be a start.
In case you have wondered, no I am not considering digital scrapbooking. For me the greatest enjoyment of scrapbooking is being able to feel and touch all the products one use while scrapping. There is also something quite satisfying being able to touch and crop photographs with one's bare hands.
So now you are probably asking the question, why then is she doing this course? Here's the answer ... I have been working and using computers full time for more than 25 years to date and have also been interested in mastering new software and especially those software programs which allows one a bit of creativity. And I think that Adobe Photoshop CS3 will perhaps also have an influence on how I am going to blog in the future ... Doing Life's web photos may be getting a new look. I have also been interested in graphic design and use to design all the marketing stationery for a firm Plantech Consulting Engineers in Pretoria, where I was employed for 8 years.
Fortunately there are no deadlines for the tutorials in this course ... one are allowed to follow your own personal pace ... much like the BOM Challenge I am participating in at the moment ... please take note Tracy when you are setting those deadlines.
So let's see whether I can complete this course before old age sets in and dragging a mouse around becomes serious hard work and effort.
- Doing Life's new student signing off


  1. Anonymous5:15 PM

    hi desire

    i prefer paper scrapping too, i love glue and paint and ink and paper. but digital scrapbooking is a brilliant way of learning photoshop. nothing will teach you layers, resizing, recoloring and moving like digital scrapbooking. so, play with it a little, at least. there are also many free digital goodies in those digital scrapbooking kits that you can use on your photos and on your blog.

  2. Enjoy you are going to love it...

  3. Must say....touch and feel paper scrapbooking is my thing too....don't think I'll ever be doing digital scrapping. I can't wait to see what you learn though....Happy Studying :)

  4. I don't really know you that well but from the little that I do I can swear that you are hyperactive! Sound great though! All I know about PS is self taught - I've thought about doing a course but never even really investigated the options. I may just join you. That way we can compare notes as we go along! ;) I won't make any final statements about digi scrapping if I were you. PS can be addictive and there's so much fun you can have with digi scrapping toys and best of all - creating your own toys! Having said that though - I will never ever give up on my paper toys - love them tooo much! :)

  5. He he, you are never to old to learn! I know that you are going to have fun and then you will have to teach us!!

    Good luck and look forward to seeing some of what you have learnt put into practice on your blog.

  6. How about when you are all proficient you can come and teach me :)


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