12 November 2008

AM I WEIRD? I have been tagged
{No, well not when I did a self-check the last time.}
It seems like a few of my blog buddies in cyber space has got this crazy idea in their heads that I could perhaps be a little weird, as they have tagged me to reveal 7 weird things about myself. Sorry, to disappoint you Karin and Lynette, as I am quite straight, normal and very boring. But, what the heck, here are few things I think might surprise you:
    • I get seriously irritated when something is skew ... keep on putting it straight. This has of course flowed over into my creative side as well ... take note, you will hardly ever see a card or a scrapping creation of yours truly where something has been placed at an angle.
    • I always peel a cucumber as it repeats on me.
    • I flourish in a calm, quite and peaceful environment.
    • I detest doing something over a second time round i.e. never watch a movie twice, never do a hiking trail twice (there are too many other hiking trails out there and life's too short).
    • Don't like grocery shopping and ironing i.e. once again its something that's repetitive and no end result is ever in sight.
    • Here's one very nervous passenger on an aeroplane ... always sit in an isle seat.
    • Detest being amongst a crowd or being boxed in by hoards of people.
So I trust that the above does not reveal my weird side too much. Now, I would like to tag the following blogging buddies to reveal their weird sides:
Michelle Ramsay (who loves sago pudding); Jose (although I know she's allergic to bananas); Kazan (an ex South African); Michelle van Deventer (whose blog is known as 'my crazy lekker life'); and Karin.
Now I just have to sit back and wait for all these weird facts to be revealed.
-Weirdo signing off


  1. Hey you're not weird... just normal with a few twists and turns. hehe

  2. Hee hee...I knew there was something weird and wonderful brewing and I just looovve that pic of you. You see we all have little peculiarities that makes us...well us of course!

  3. Desire, dit was nou te lekker om te lees ...:-) Jy is baie normaal sou ek se.. en ja, ek kom agter dit pla my erg as my fotos en stuffies skeef is...as ek scrap praat ek van.. Is dit weird? ;0

  4. Me weird!!! will have to think of what to tell everyone - he he

  5. thanks for sharing your weirdness Desire - I guess I must be weird too because I think some of those mannerisms are perfectly normal :) One of my weirdest habits is that I can't drink coffee without French Vanilla coffee creamer in it - I take it with me everywhere I know I am going to drink coffee - just in case they don't have it. I am always the popular passenger on international flights amongst the flight crew when I haul out my stash of FVCC :)

  6. It seems we both have the same cucumber issues :)

  7. Love them all... you don't sound too weird (lol)

  8. O eina!!! nee jong dit lyk my dan is ek ook 'n weirdo! LOL

  9. O kriek - nou's ek getag! Ek het nie eers tyd of stil te sit en te dink aan al my "weird" gewoontetjies nie. Miskien moet ek maar my kinders vra - hulle dink beslis ek's weird! :)

  10. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Ek's te nuut op jou blog om die 'tagging' ding te verstaan - maar dat ek die storie van daardie foto MOET hoor - dis 'n feit!

  11. Not weird at all, Just funny!!!!!


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