24 January 2009

Marie Antoinette Award
Yesterday I got this great artistic Marie Antoinette Award from the very talented Lena Katrine -all the way from Norway. Thank you so much, Lena! Please visit Lena and have a look at her talented creations.
I have to pass this along to 7 people, who also have to pass it along to 7 people who inspire them. You link to the person who gave you the award and to the people you give it to. I'm passing this award along to some of my very dear blog friends, who always inspire me with their work and their nice comments:
Enjoy your award.


  1. Wow thanks for another one. I never knew Marie Antoinette was artistic... the only thing I remember about her from history was "give them cake"!

  2. Sjoe...dit reen awards! Ek sit lekker en lag vir Cathy se aanmerking. Baie geluk en dankie dat jy aan my gedink het.


  3. Thanks Desire. I am very flattered that I came to mind. I have had a disaster on my blog so that's why I don't sound so enthusiastic but I am very chuffed & will collect it next week. I have to try to fix my blog first ;-( Thanks again ;-)

  4. Thanks for the award Desire. Just got home from JHB and will sort out the award on my blog tomorrow night.

    Was great seeing you and Conroy!

  5. If only I were a techno fundi! I am so disappointed with myself for being so idiotic...Anyway, I have my IT man coming next week so am hoping for at least some restoration of my sidebar widgets.

  6. congratulations on your award Desire, hugs rachxx

  7. Baie geluk Desire! Jou blog is altyd interessant. Ek verlustig my in jou kreatiwiteit. Dankie vir die kuier op my blog.

  8. Thanks for you sweet comment on my blog!


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