05 March 2009

I've been a very naughty blogger in not passing on some awards and challenges Doing Life has received thus far in 2009. And as if this is not enough I am going to be a seriously bad girl and pass all these awards and challenges on to all Doing Life's dedicated followers ... you all deserve to reward yourselves for your valuable contributions in blog land.
Thank you Karin for this Friends award. I am honoured that you consider me as one of your friends and would also like to thank you for having me as one of the Dutch Dare Challenge design team members.
Thank you Sandra for the above two precious awards you have awarded Doing Life. Hope you don't mind that I pass it on to all Doing Life's followers as each and every one of them are my favourite.
Michelle has challenged me to be brave enough to go and click on the 13th folder in my Pictures file and on the 13th photo therein. Sjoe, am I glad it was not an embarrassing photo. This is Marilize with her dear Rolo. Marilize has in the meantime had this picture of them printed on a coffee mug ... just shows how fond she is of Rolo.
Thank you Michelle and Helen for passing this beautiful award on to Doing Life. I am honoured to have received it from two such talented ladies as yourselves.

Lynette has challenged me to take a photo of my current handbag and share with you the contents thereof and how I came to have it. So here's the beans being spilled:

I am a big fan of Polo handbags and this is the second one I have owned as the first one's zip gave in and I had to hand it in for repairs (Polo handbags are guaranteed for life as far as zips, shoulder straps, etc are concerned). The waiting time was more than 2 months and I just could not wait so long (the impatient me) and I purchased myself this one in the picture above, about 2 years ago. I still have my first Polo handbag (now fixed), nicely tucked away for a rainy day.
My handbag always has these must have survival tools in it:

    • cell phone (in a handy little built in cell phone pocket which is up high near the zip opening for easy access)
    • small packet of Kleenex tissues for that unexpected sad moment
    • a business card holder with Doing Life business cards (never know when one bumps into a scrap addict in need of a DL fix)
    • small tube of hand cream (can't stand dry hands)
    • a lipstick holder with built in mirror and lipstick
    • a pen and pencil
    • my purse which contains my whole pedigree (loosing this will mean the non-existence of me)
    • a small pill box with different divisions for Comprals, Syndols and Vitamins (always kept fully stocked)
    • hair brush (unruly long hair needs to be kept in place)
    • some or other little sweetie (freebies from coffee shops/restaurants) which hubby always passes onto me whilst paying the bill when we are out dining (must say they come in quite handy when a dry mouth feelings hits)
    • and last but not least, a little tampon holder (a must for every non-menopausal woman)

That's the long and short of it ... not very exciting I know and its also clear that I don't have any bambinos of my own! (not a Wet-One in sight)

So now its your turn to spill the beans on your handbag contents.

Above is another bracelet commission, hope you like.
Just returned from Hobby-X (South Africa's biggest craft show ... probably minute in terms of the ones held in other parts of the world) here in Johannesburg. Nothing new and exciting to report on except some lovely new jumbo punches which will only be arriving here in SA during May this year. But they are worth the wait as some of the new designs in this punch range are scalloped edged squares, beautiful swirls, etc. So keep your eyes peeled as they will be selling on Doing Life's Online Shoppe during May this year. My darling hubby gave me some pocket money to spend at the show and I spoilt myself with five new stamp designs ... can't wait to ink up these beauties ... much better than a spa session.
Wishing you all a wonderful relaxing weekend, letting your hair hang down and just chilling.


  1. Mmmm...I love the sound of those punches...also love your creative ways you choose to display your jewellery;-) Lovely bag too!

  2. Congrats on all the awards..and thank you for taking part in the handbag tag...I thought it was fun...the contents tell me that you are a very organised and disciplined lady!

  3. Lovely bracelet! Thanks for taking part in the photo challenge - great photo. Interesting what you have in your bag, mine is very similar. Will have to take some photos later today.

  4. Congratulations on your awards Desire. I love the bracelet the silver charms are so pretty and perfect with the pearls. Have a good Sunday

  5. Lovely Bracelet !


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