31 March 2009

{A Dutch Dare : 2S4Y}
At least my design team project for this week over at Dutch Dare is done and dusted. The theme this week is Easter. Once again Kazan's sketch #23 over at 2 Sketches 4 You got me going with the card. And of course the patterned cardstock is my very favourite Basic Grey.
I used a piece of note paper which I temporarily stuck down on the inside, using it as a mask whilst stamping the flower border. This is my first attempt at masking and I know its not perfect, but you get the idea.
Below are all the tools put to good use on this project.
Below is a photo of a succulent plant in our garden, which makes these gorgeous flowers and make me think of a fly catchers ... its very apt that there is actually a real fly exploring on the inside of the flower. The unopened flowers on either side are just such perfect creations from nature. If any of you know the botanical or common name of this plant, please leave a comment and let me know.
On the disastrous hair front, I have got some good news. I went to Pieter my personal stylist at Fashion Squared here at home, to try and make some sense of my botched hair (see previous post for the scoop on this). He could not believe the mess and said that in his quite lengthy professional career as hairstylist, he has never seen such a mess and even a mannequin would have complained about it. Pieter took nearly an hour to painstakingly get everything to one length and tapered in such a way that it just falls perfectly into a short bob. My hair is now even shorter, but at least everything is one length and looks professional and above all I can confidently appear in public again.
Pieter urged me to submit a formal written complaint with Partners Hair Design's Head Office in Cape Town, which I promptly did today. Its been faxed and emailed and receipt has been confirmed. The complaint is one and a half pages long and claiming the amount that I had to pay two weeks later to rectify the mess on my head. I don't think we should hold our breath, but lets wait and hear whether they respond. If there's no response in a week, I might publish the complain here at Doing Life. I would like to thank all of you who took the time to post a comment with some encouragement, its greatly appreciated.
It was Duane's 21'st party Friday night and it was quite a treat to see all the students dress up according to the letter D ... from Doctors to Drag Queens ... which had everyone laughing at each other. Will post pics in due course. I don't like take pictures at night taken with a flash, but at least the occasion has been visually documented for future generations.
Wishing you all a great week ahead and thank you again for your lovely comments.


  1. When are we seeing the new hairdo?!

  2. Oh my goodness Desire how absolutely awful for you. So glad that your hair is sorted now just got to grow it again.
    Love your fabulous card! Such a great Easter card!
    Love your flower picture it doesn't look real!
    kim x

  3. Love you card Desire! So fun and decorated beautifully inside and out!

    I'm so sorry about you hair situation, I was so enamored with your beautiful pics of Cape Town I completed missed the part about your hair! Let's hope they do the right thing and pay up!

    (-: Heidi

  4. Lovely card. Nice feeling when you hair is looking good - glad Pieter could get it sorted out for you. Hope the other place does the right thing and reimburses you!!

    How about a picture of your new style - dying to see your shorter haircut!

  5. The card is gorgeous inside and out - and so is the beautiful picture of your flower. So glad Pieter was able to sort you out AND give you an avenue to vent your frustration. Hope you took before and after pictures to support your argument..a R1000 is a lot of money for such a shabby job :(

  6. fabulous card as always and hey what a disaster about your hair...luckily your trusty hairdresser managed to sort it out....hope you get some recompense from that terrible company....hugs Kath xxxxx

  7. Very pretty card!!! Wow on the hair mess. I'd be so upset if something went terribly wrong with my cut. It's the one big thing that makes me look decent in public :) Glad your hair is better despite the length.

  8. fabulous card! so bright and happy on the inside and out!

  9. Fabulous card Desire, I love the colours and papers

  10. Fabulous card, gorgeous flower...and no I have no clue what the name is. I agree with the others...please let us get a look at the "New Look Desire".

    Lots of love.

  11. Beautiful card!!! Great take on the sketch :)

  12. Oh, I love your take on the Easter card! Love the different sized eggs and the inside of the card is so finished! I should take lessons on that one.

  13. Love your card Desire - so different and perfectly finished off as ever. I hope you're going to share your new hair do pics with us - and good on you for speaking up about it, don't let them get away with it!! x

  14. A beautiful card Desire. Just wish we had flowers like that in our garden, its gorgeous!

  15. Such a wonderful card,Desìre!!
    Love the colours and you`re easter eggs :)

    Have a wonderful day!!
    Hugs from Maya :)

  16. lovely card!!! Sorry to hear about your bad hair do! So pleased to hear it's been sorted out. Looking forward to seeing the 'new' you!!!

  17. Pragtige kaartjie! Mooi foto van die blom - het lanklaas een van hulle gesien. Bly jou hare is weer reg - dankie vir die tip oor klagtes. Ons kla te min oor swak diens. Bly om te weet daar is iets wat ons kan doen. Laat weet wat gebeur met jou eis!

  18. Oh WOW - what amazing flower - I just keep looking at it. I've had a look in all by botanical books but can't find it - sorry - no name as yet.
    I think you should have done a before and after photo of your hair. I would love to have seen the before because it's hard to believe it could have been that bad - how could a professional turn you out like that?
    Fabulous card love the colours and papers and those eggs are super cute.
    hugs Heather xx

  19. Lovely card Desire, so sorry to hear about your hair problem, glad it has now been sorted.
    That is a gorgeous flower and lovely markings, no idea what it is though.

  20. Anonymous12:29 AM

    Your card is beautiful inside and out Desire...I love how you manage to create such unique pieces...
    So sorry about your hair...Thank goodness Pieter could correct it for you!!!and give you back some confidence to go out!!!
    I hope they manage to get back to you!!!
    name and shame if they dont!!!!!
    That flower is `beautiful`...such a stunning picture..TFS
    Enjoy your weekend Desire..
    Oh look forward to seeing Duanns party pictures:)♥

  21. WHAT a hair saga...and to think of all the money you have had to pay...sometimes it seems there is no justice in the world...your cards are always SO beautiful & I think your masking is perfect ;-)

  22. another gorgeous card chickie ~ and wuv how you did the inside! beautiful photo of the flower! and whoa..hope you got the hair issue sorted! hugz

  23. When are you posting pics of your new hairdo?? I'm sure it looks lovely!


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