02 April 2009

At last I got round to posting some pics I took at our god son's 21st celebration at Tres Jolie, held on Friday, 27 March 2009. His actual 21st birthday was Wednesday, 25 March 2009. Above his with the birthday cake. Its probably the colourant in the black icing that turns green under flash light. Everyone had to dress up according to the letter D which is the first letter of Daune's name. Below are some collages I did on Picasa 3.
Above is Duane's uncle with his family all dressed up as the Dracula clan. Morne and Ronel with their children Ivan and Carle. Above: Not sure of some of these costumes, but I do recognise the cute little Devils in the top left corner. Above: Some familiar D's are Desmond Tutu teaming up with a Drag Queen and his entourage. Above: Two 'Dagga Koppe' which translated means Cannabis Heads.
Above: The birthday boy with his Diva (girlfriend Candice). And of course Duane went all dressed up as himself.
Above: Some Divas and Dices.
Above: Doctors and Devils teaming up ... dangerous combo I would say.
Above: Top right in the middle is Death teaming up with Desmond Tutu.
Above: Bottom left corner is the Drag Queen revealed. {Michelle, don't you think the Drag Queen's partner looks a lot like Dereck?}
Above: Our other god son, Kyle dressed up as Dark Vader, sharing a tender moment with his Mom, Belinda who is also dressed up as a Diva.
Above: A collage also done on Picasa 3 with all the highlights of the evening.
Above: The birthday boy with his parents Carel and Belinda.
Tres Jolie and its staff went out of its way to make Duane's 21st a very special occasion which he will always treasure. The food was just perfect for teenagers and students. Everything was in the form of sosatie sticks and tasted delicious, which was easy to eat on the move whilst chatting and socialising. From Fillet to fish and grilled vegetables were all on sticks. And of course more meat than veggies as young people have not yet realised the valuable nutrition there is in veggies. The deserts were all in mini bite format from mini eclairs to the traditional South African cocktail milktarts.
Everyone had a fantastic time without going over board. We were amazed at the wonderful, sincere and friendly group of friends Duane have. But, of course now and then these kind thoughts went out the window, when occasionally some of them called us 'Oom' and 'Tannie' i.e. uncle and aunt. You know, we always feel 21 forever, but I guess outward nature takes it toll! But we do realise that being addressed as 'Oom' and 'Tannie' means that we are respected.
Trust you enjoyed sharing these pics with Duane and his family. Thank you for your interest.


  1. great pictures, looks like a fun night

  2. Anonymous2:39 PM

    `WoW` What fab photo`s Desiree..That cake looks the best!!!Delicious...
    And did you say?
    `Kyle` is your Grandson??Forgive me if I read that wrong!!!
    Wow You look flamin goood for a Grandma??????
    Absolute fabulous pictures of everyone dressed up there....TFS
    Enjoy` the rest of your weekend Desiree:)♥

  3. Fabulous photos Desire

  4. Baie oorspronklike partytjie idee. Sal dit onthou. Oulike fotos Desire!

  5. Stunning photos and looks like everyone had a great time. Will have to remember some of those costumes for future!!

  6. Lyk na een van daardie lekker partytjies wat vir lank nog onthou sal word!

  7. Oooh Tannie Desire...LOL! You are right in saying that we all feel 21 forever - well I certainly do!!! If only I looked it ;-) Great cake paddles & lovely Picasa Collages - they are such fun to create & a great way to use ALL those pictures...

  8. what fun photos chickie!
    and wow ~ gorgeous card ~ lovin the colors and such scrumptious coloring of the image ~ beautifully done

  9. Looks like so much fun!


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