26 May 2009

Madge has given this handy tip on how to deal with Blogger's current issue. Thank you Madge you are a star:
A quick hint and tip for those of you who are experiencing the Blogger issue at the moment connected with Internet Explorer in that you are sometimes unables to access blog pages. Whilst Blogger are searching for a solution, to enable you still to get around blogland, after the blog page has loaded and you get the error message 'Internet Explorer cannot open the web site... Operation aborted' - Click ok, then when you have the white screen, click the back button on your browser and this should re-load the page for you. You may sometimes have to do this a couple of times, but doing this very often does allow you to access the blog page eventually and enable you to move around as normal.


  1. And I thought it was only me having the problem!

  2. thanks for the tip. hope will help me :)


  3. Thanks for this post Desire - I am having no problems at all but am very distressed as SO many people are e mailing me about MY blog - at least it tells me they are reading it, LOL!!! Explorer is the problem - switch to Firefox - I did months ago & have never looked back - much stronger blogging browser ;-D Will direct a link here as I am posting on this issue...

  4. I've downloaded firefox too its working a treat, your blog page IE always struggles to open, I go and make a cup of tea while I'm waitting but with firefox it was open before I got out of my chair.

  5. Dankie vir die tip! Ek is so dom as dit by die goed kom!

  6. Thanks for the tips everyone xx

  7. Thanks for that - will try at home.

  8. Thanks:O) By the way, have you had a look at this Iris folding page?
    I love it!!!!

    This is fun:O)

    Hugs, Nancy.

  9. Oh, thank you for this post .... I was wondering if there was something wrong with my computer. What I've found helpful was just to close the tab, open a new/blank tab and write the address in the blank tab.

  10. I had problem to get on your blog for days and today got it up strait away, yeeeppppeeee I have tryed all the tricks the las one wek to get onto your blog but did not work. I'm soooooo happy I can read it again

  11. Thank you so much for this tip!! I've just uninstalled IE8 cause I figured that was the problem!

  12. i haven' run into that problem..but, thankx so much for the info :)


  13. Hi, Desire!
    You have a gorgeous cards, amazing photo and good family. I love your blog. Thank you.
    Hugs, Elena


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