20 July 2010

Thought I will share some photos of Sheila Corfe's daughter, Melissa Corfe, the Springbok swimmer, who recently got married to Brent Martinson at the Tala Game Reserve near Durban. I am sure you all agree that their photographer, Dean Domestemos did a fantastic job in capturing the heart and soul of the event.
And for the scrappers who know Sheila ... she has already scrapped two double page layouts of the wedding photos during our past weekend's scrapping weekend in the Natal Midlands at the Vermaakskraal Game Lodge. The thirteen girls thoroughly enjoyed this long weekend just chilling whilst having some creative fun. I will do a separate blog post on our Vermaakskraal scrapping weekend.
For those of you who were worried that I am not well, due to the deathening silence here on Doing Life ... I am perfectly well, just busy with scrapbooking conferences all over SA. Thanks for being concerned.


  1. Thought you'd deserted altogether Desire - so good to see you back and with some beautiful photographs for me to have a nosey at. Dean Domestemos certainly does capture the moment and mood with his lovely pictures.
    Look forward to reading and seeing your scrapping weekend.
    hugs Heather xx

  2. Hi Desire

    So nice to hear you are OK. I can see you ahve been bust, such wonderful picture with fantastic clarity.

    I tend to look at photography with some degree of interest as one of my sons and his partner are professional photographers.

    Usually globetrotting with some model or the other for shoots, in fact he was in SA just a few weeks ago.

    B x

  3. Anonymous2:37 AM

    Beautiful pics Desire! Good to hear you're doing well and keeping busy:)

  4. WOW fabulous photos.
    Glad to hear from you, I've missed you.

  5. hi there..... love the pics...

    keep well

  6. Stunning photos and an even more stunning bride and groom. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Gorgeous photographs Desíre, excellent jpb... glad you are keeping busy and I bet you are enjoying it.

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