30 November 2011

27 Awesome Years

{30 November 2011: 27th Wedding Anniversary}

Can't believe the years have flown past in a blink of an eye - it definitely makes one realise more and more that every moment in life counts - so we have to make the most of each moment.

Every day with my partner in life has always been super special. I created this layout for a scrapbooking challenge a few years ago and herewith the journaling that went with it (see below):

That very first meeting the evening of Valentine’s Day, 1983 was definitely not a butterfly, heart-skip-a-beat moment for me. Back then I was relatively cautious and shy around the opposite sex and did not trust Conroy’s first advances. Later that evening when I was dropped back at the varsity hostel, I turned a cheek when a goodnight kiss was coming my way. I have just come out of a serious year-long relationship which I had during my first year at Tygerberg Technical College in Cape Town.

But, Conroy was not going to let this ‘sight to behold’ slip through his fingers and came round the very next day to reinforce his feelings. So, bit by bit the resistance crumbled and I could not stop myself from falling in love. For the duration of our nearly two years of Res life I was often spoilt with a bunch of red carnations fondly placed in my Res post box and always accompanied with a cute card with sincere words. I have kept all these cards and still have them today.

What attracted me the most about Conroy and is still the case today are his sincerity, honesty, very small heart and gallant demeanor. My Mom always said that, the best way to determine how a man will treat his future wife is to observe the relationship he has with his Mom. And this is very true as Conroy till this day, treats his Mom & Dad with endearing love and huge respect. Needless to say, this also shines through in our relationship. The physical attraction of course is his nearly 2m frame, warm brown eyes and his size 12½ feet.

We got engaged on 13 December 1983 and married a year later, on completion of our studies on Friday, 30 November 1984 at the ‘Vanstadensrivier Gemeente’ situated between Uitenhage and Port Elizabeth. We did not go on a honeymoon, as we have both started to work full time at the beginning of November 1984 and only stayed for 2 nights at the Beach Hotel in Port Elizabeth ... and of course this was all we could afford at that stage. But, we have shared, enjoyed and experienced wonderful memorable getaways/adventures the 24 years to date.

Through all the years Conroy has ... • opened the car door for me, leaving home and at the destination • brought breakfast in bed for me • put his own washing in the basket • said thank you for every meal I have served • left the kitchen neat when he has prepared a meal • never forgotten our anniversary • packed his own clothes for business trips My Mom’s advice for an everlasting marriage was to make sure that you are home before your husband returns from work (if possible) and never go to bed cross with each other. I cannot imagine life without Conroy by my side.

My life is Conroy and life is Conroy in my world. He is my only soul mate and confidante. In a way I am what I am today, at the age of 44, mainly because I have Conroy by my side unselfishly, lovingly supporting me in everything I do and still want to do. Life ahead can only be a loving adventurous joyride with him by my side.

- Very blessed, signing off.


  1. Happy Anniversary Desire' what a loving tribute to your husband for all of your wonderful years shared. Enjoy your special day and here's to many more, Congratulation, Sue xx

  2. Congrats on your anniversary. It's so great to read how special Conroy is to you... wish that was the case for most marriages.

  3. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DESIRE! wow..what a beautiful creation! lovin all the journaling...and wow...those photos are beautiful! fabulous work as always!


  4. I love the story, and the LO, very pretty, clever one.


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