23 November 2011

{Doing Life} Ammazulu Palace Scrap Day
- 12 November 2011 {Kloof, Durban}
Michelle collected me from Ushaka Airport at 7:30am on the Friday and it was fantastic spending a relaxing day with my dear friend. We made our way straight to Reminisce for some breakfast and a good old catching up chat. Then we headed to Michelle's home to collect all the supplies for the scrap day and dropped at Ammazulu Palace for setting up later.
We then made our way to Hillcrest for some retail therapy at Mr Price Home where we both got some lovely 3-tier cake stands which I need for my 3 December Scrap Day here at my home studio. There's going to be 16 ladies, so space will definitely be an issue and these cake stands will definitely save some space when serving muffins and and teatime treats.
Hillcrest The Corner Shopping Mall was our next stop where we had a light lunch at a coffee shop and then strolled through the various shops - with me doing some investigation into what urns are on the market as I will also need to purchase a nice urn to keep boiling water on tap for the 3 Dec Scrap Day. I did however, saw a lovely 10 liter urn at Boardmans here at Design Quarter in Fourways, yesterday and will definitely go back and purchase it. We then floated into various clothing stores and it was great fun fitting clothes together - as Michelle rightly said, its alwas great to have valued feedback on how things look on, from a friend. We ended up with each buying quite a few items of clothing.
Shopped-out we returned to Ammazulu Palace to check in as we were sleeping there the Friday and Saturday night as well as to setup the conference venue the same evening. As we were checked into our room, we were told that we were upgraded to the Presidential Suite. Being a 5-star rated venue, we were expecting just the super best. And as I have never before stayed at a 5-star rated venue, I could not wait to experience it first hand.
But, unfortunately we were disappointed and I just could not visualise SA's President staying in this room. Some random little things we picked up in the room:
    1. The safe did not work at all.
    2. No instant coffee, only ground coffee, but no plunger to make it in.
    3. We were 2 people staying in the room, but only one lonely cookie in a container.
    4. Bed light on my side were full of spider webs.
    5. No tissues in the room.
    6. No hairdryer as it has to be pre-requested and then it was a small little travel one.
    7. One towel rail in the bathroom fell off the wall when putting a towel on it.
    8. Shower door handle broken
    9. No air freshner in the bathroom
    10. Soap dish in shower so high one has to stand on toes to reach, and I am not short.
    11. No shelf in shower to put sjampoo, etc. on.
    12. No shower gel in shower.
    13. Only one small towel for 2 guests in the room.

The food on the other hand were top class at breakfast as well as the catering for the conference itself. {Apologies I just had to get the little issues above of the chest.}

We ordered take-aways for supper after we finished setting up so that we could turn in early. The Scrap Day was such a wonderful relaxing, creative experience and it was great catching up with the happenings in everyone's lives. I always say its like a great re-union of scrap addicts. Jeanette Cornell and her daughter, Nicole was immigrating to Australia the Tuesday and it was her last scrap day whilst residing in SA. She will definitely sorely be missed by all. I have heard in the meantime that she arrived safely in Brisbane and is reunited with the rest of her family. Jeanette we wish you every suchess in you and your family's new venture.

We checked out the Sunday morning and dropped the supplies at Michelle's home again. Before we left for the aiport I managed to pinch a few pieces of Michelle's succulants in her garden. I have planted them up here in our garden in Gauteng and it seems that they have all taken.

Me and Michelle {Doing Life} have got one more Scrap event (3 December) to host for 2011 which will be the 10th for this year - so we both need a good rest before the first 2012 event (25 February 2012 @ Dainfern Golf Estate) http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/147294232032966/

Rayna Winson - the best Ethnic Dresser

Sharon Scott - Grand Prize winner
Top right corner - Brenda Dexter
Main photo from left: Gail Bissett & Linda Musgrove
Main photo right: From left Claudette Upfold, Sharyn Scott & Lisa Bartels
Jeanette Cornell - Speed Queen and her daughter Nicole
Main photo: Sheila Corfe & Debbie van Coppenhagen
Top right photo: Dianne Smith
Back row 4th from the right - Shelley Candiotes
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  1. Still,looks like you had fun girls!

  2. Jeanette Cornell2:05 AM

    Thanks Desire. Really going to miss these scrapdays!!


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