30 March 2012

{Carrion Flower}
I have posted some photos in 2009 here about this plant's strange flower.  Well, during my visit in November 2011 to Durban, I pinched  three pieces from my dear frined, Michelle's Stapelias in her garden and planted them on my return here in our home garden in Fourways, Johannesburg.  This morning I was wondering  in the garden with an early morning cup of tea and could not believe that one of the three is actually sporting a beautiful flower.  As you can see the flower is actually bigger than the little plant itself.  I just love these stunningly unique flowers and find the beautiful little red lines on the yellow so interesting to look at.  This is definitely another wonder of nature. 

Thank you for sharing in my joy nature had to offer.


  1. They always say that plants stolen grow the best. It is beautiful and I have had quite a few flowers already as well. Glad it liked your garden as I know you were a bit worried.

  2. What an unusual but so beautiful flower Desiree. It's wonderful to see what grows in different climates to our own.

    B x

  3. Wow! An amazing flower! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh blogger is on the blink again...sigh....Wow Desire I love your photography - this flower is indeed gorgeous and one I don't know at all but looks like it would be a great addition to a garden!!

  5. Very beautiful flower and remarkable photos. This flower smells?

  6. What a stunning flower! :) Beautiful, it must have taken your breath away.

    Your photographs have a real wow factor! :)



  7. Anonymous2:01 PM

    WOW that is some flower! awesome xx

  8. Stunning photographs! When you take plants from your friends it isn't considered pinching;-)


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