28 April 2007

- Saturday, 28 April 2007 Claire McGeer of DesignersNotes http://www.mcgeers.blogspot.com/ has tagged me to blog about 7 random facts/habits about myself and then to tag 7 of my friends to do the same. So here goes: 1. With my creator watching over me, my dearest husband is the sole important person in my existence. He is not only my husband, but my best friend, partner, greatest admirer, where I go for an honest opinion and sound advice. With whom I can be myself, unwind, laugh at myself and be serious. We can share the moment without having spoken a word. In a nutshell he is my happiness.
2. My soul gets nourished by nature and to be truly me I daily need to be in touch with at least one element of nature i.e. watching a cheerful bird bathing itself, admiring the unusual shape and colour of a tree or noticing the first flowers of the season. I am so blessed because when I wake up in the morning, I can feast my eyes on all the above by just lying in bed and looking out of the bedroom window. This is what carries me through the day.
3. Green and Blue are my favourite colours and one don't have to look far to know why. Being a nature lover - the land is green and the sky is blue! My students know all about the Blue Room! and my bedroom colours are shades of green and mushroom.
4. Photography is my first passion. There is nothing more satisfying than taking that perfectly composed, balanced and clear photo of your subject.
5. Creative albums, is my second passion. Scrapbooking sounds like {s}crap. How can all those pages we create with such enthusiasm and with the use of authentic tools and supplies - be called "scrap' booking? Sure hope the inventor of this term takes note. One of my student's son always saw his mum frantically searching for her cheque book before she left for a scrapbooking lesson so whenever she was off to a lesson he would ask her: 'Mum are you going chequebooking again?'. So the moral of the story, even 'chequebooking' sounds better than 'scrapbooking' and it might come in handy - I call it creative albuming.
6. Straightness/Levelness. Yes, this is one of my OCD's (obsessive compulsive disorder) that I am definitely aware of. I am pedantic about things being straight. No wonder you will seldom, if ever, see a creative album layout of mine with a picture or any embellishment placed at an angle. Have a look at the flickers of my layouts on the side here - yes everything is pretty much straight. So I think one can gather out of all this that I am a kind of a {straight}forward person. Don't call me Des, call me Desire!
7. I live my life by the following belief: "You are only as old as you tell yourself you are". So hopefully when I am 90 one day I will be sitting in my rocking chair and tell my fellow 'Shady Pines' residents, wow I still feel 18 - how about going bungie jumping!
So Sophia http://sallison.blogspot.com/ you are definitely tagged.
PS: Michelle, would have loved to TAG you, but still cannot believe that after all your new found technical abilities, you are not a BLOGGER yet!
- All tagged out signing off

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  1. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Well now Desire, that just might change in the not too distant future ... watch the space!!




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