30 January 2008

- Wednesday 30 January 2008
I managed to capture our new garden in its undeveloped, raw and bland state, with the idea to have a Before and After once it has been landscaped the indigenous way - what else could you expect - having had to leave our beloved indigenous Kloof garden behind when we made our way to the Big Smoke.
Leanne, a retired CA venturing into the landscaping industry, is currently creatively designing an indigenous escape for our newly acquired piece of land. I have briefed her, quite in detail, with what my vision was for our new gardenscape. We have spent half a day visiting every possible garden related business from rock/stone/paving specialists to garden wood decorators and terra cotta pot specialists and of course indigenous plant specialists. Hopefully we will have a rough sketch and most importantly a quote by this weekend.
The idea is to get rid of every inch of lawn and design a low maintenance, structured and neat garden with the aid of genuine wood sleepers, stones, rocks, grasses/ground covers between pebbles, aloes, tree trunks, stone bird baths and custom made terra cotta pots placed at strategic points. It is also envisaged that the cement boundary walls will be softened by way of custom made wood trellises fitted within all the sunken areas of the boundary wall. It is also planned to soften the pool area with perhaps pots, rocks, etc.
At the moment there is no privacy on the balcony area and the plan is to have a screen on wheels made with the same design as that of the wall trellises to serve as a portable wall/screen on one side of the balcony to create a little private area where we can put a table and chairs with a big umbrella to relax under and enjoy the little view we have.
Hold thumbs that at least a little bit of the above imaginary grand design realises in the end.
You've got the Before pictures now, so watch this space for the During pictures.
- Garden Enthusiast Signing Off


  1. I can't wait to see the during and after photos. I can hear your enthusiasm and know the feeling when you can vision something and then see it take shape.


  2. Anything your put your hands to always turns to GOLD, so I am sure it will look nothing, but fantastic!!!

  3. I have to tell you that America's view of Africa is never like your lovely pictures, we are always led to believe that its a run down and horrible place to live... but you have shown that its as gorgeous as anything that we have here in the States, I would love to one day visit your gorgeous Country. Thank you for always sharing your lovely Country.


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