31 January 2008

LAYOUT OF FERNRIDGE ESTATE - Thursday, 31 January 2008 At last I got round to doing a layout with the snapshots we took during our visit on 3&4 November 2007 to our new house, whilst meeting with the interior decorators to get quotes for dressing all the windows. Well a few months has gone by since we moved in on 26 November 2007 and we can proudly say that our new house has now become our home and sanctuary.
A few of the Doing Lifers have asked when they are going to see some photos of the interior of our new home ... this will happen soon ... so remember to pop in regularly so as not to miss the big reveal. We are still sorting out a few minor issues, amongst other our front door. It is shocking that a home’s front door – which is the first impression of a house – is in a very derelict state. The handle has fallen off a few times and been screwed back on, it physically has to be kicked open and we have filled several cracks in the wood with wood filler so that we cannot see the road through the door. It is also more than 1cm off the ground so as to provide an open invitation to the insect world out there. It also seems to have a life of its own which has made me jump a few times at night when it snack, crackles, creeks and pops. A new custom designed door has been ordered and we are eagerly awaiting its installation. The current door will be taken off together with its frame and hopefully we will have a lifetime of joy with the new one. - Door shocked signing off

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  1. Another great layout. I really like it - it brings the pictures to life.



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