26 June 2008


- Thursday, 26 June 2008

I had an order from a very special friend for a necklace and bracelet set in an orange colour scheme. So here's what I came up with. Now, we must just keep our fingers crossed that this dear friend (she knows who she is) will give these creations a stamp of approval.
On the home front we have been experiencing a very mild Gauteng winter to date. Still awaiting the coldest winter in a decade, which numerous weather experts have been predicting. Don't mind the cold, as long as we get treated to some snow!
- Winter blues signing off


  1. Anonymous3:07 PM

    hi desire

    i thought it was time to say hello again - i always like it when my readers comment, so i should do so more often too.

  2. If that creation is meant for me - I absolutely love it!!

    Can't wait to receive it.

    lots of love


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